21 June 2018

Adam Rhodes wins Damar Training Apprenticeship Award

Adam Rhodes, Training Manager at Stockport Accountants Bennett Verby, has been named winner of the ‘Apprentice Supervisor of the Year’ award by the Damar Apprenticeship Awards.

I am delighted to be recognised by Damar Training and to have been nominated by Bennett Verby. It is a pleasure to support and encourage our apprentices, a job which is made much easier by their hard work and enthusiasm. I also thank the directors at Bennett Verby for their continuing commitment to apprenticeships.

Adam Rhodes

Bernard Verby, Chief Executive Officer at Bennett Verby, said,

Adam’s work is crucial not only to the success of the company’s apprenticeship programme, but also to the apprentices themselves, whose exam results and feedback show that they are benefiting hugely from the support given to them. We can say with absolute confidence that, having seen the benefits our apprentices bring not only financially but to the dynamics of office life, we will be continuing to grow and develop our apprenticeship workforce.

Bernard Verby, CEO

Damar is one of the country’s leading providers of apprenticeships and, over the past year, has worked with over 2,000 apprentices at more than 500 employers nationwide. Winning an award has become harder as Damar has grown and so great credit goes to the 2018 winners.

The award was presented to Adam Rhodes by Damar managing director, Jonathan Bourne at the start of National Apprenticeship Week, Monday 5 to Friday 9 March. Jonathan added,

The standard of this year’s nominations was exceptionally high. The winners and nominees tell inspirational stories of apprentices who are learning, progressing and taking on additional responsibility at work. Organisations are enriched by enthusiastic new talent and supervisors are finding that working with apprentices is helping them to develop new skills. Many congratulations to our winners and my thanks to all of our partner employers and Damar colleagues who have made such a difference to individuals and organisations over the past year.

Jonathan Bourne, Managing Director, Damar Training

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