CGT Planning

CGT planning can be a minefield. We’ll look at all of your assets and investments and help you to plan effectively. Items under the umbrella of CGT planning can include property, gifts and investments, whether loss-making or not, as well as making use of your and your spouse’s exemptions.

Our Private Client Services team will look at CGT in conjunction with all of your tax affairs, building in Loss Relief, Taper Relief, Entrepreneur’s Relief and Investors’ Relief to offer you a full view of your options and to make sure you pay the right amount of tax.

Financial Planning

If you would like us to supply you with details of an independent financial advisor, please contact us. We can also attend any meetings you may arrange, and help you discuss and plan:

  • Pensions
  • Life assurance
  • Investments
  • Critical illness
  • Income protection
  • Mortgages
  • Elder care
  • Private medical costs
  • School fees planning

Inheritance Tax Planning

You’ve worked hard for your money, and want your loved ones to benefit from it. The time to start IHT planning is now, whether you’re giving smaller gifts or looking at the whole picture.

When the time comes, tailored wealth succession planning will enable a smooth transition to the next generation as well as minimising tax liabilities.

Whatever the size of your estate, we can offer advice on techniques to mitigate inheritance tax on family homes, family businesses and investment portfolios. We’ll look at lifetime transfers and wills, Accumulation & Maintenance Trusts, discretionary settlements and offer taxation advice on pre-owned assets.

However, estate planning is not solely about tax, and we adopt a common sense approach, helping you to ensure your own financial needs are met and to avoid giving away too much too soon. We’ll keep our client affairs private and confidential.

Personal Tax

Whether you need help with your tax return or want to pay less tax, our personal tax services are available to you as a business owner or a private client. Our services include:

  • Self-assessment tax form completion
  • Tax repayment claims
  • Tax planning (partners, sole trader, limited company, salary versus dividends)
  • All aspects of Self Assessment
  • Computation of liabilities
  • Tax disputes
  • Correspondence with HMRC

Retirement Planning

With careful planning, you can plan for a long and happy retirement, safe in the knowledge that you and your family will be able to enjoy your wealth.

We’ll look at your long term plans and plan a tax strategy around them, working with your nominated financial advisor to make sure you receive the very best advice. If you are a business owner, we know that leaving your business is not an easy topic, so our corporate team can discreetly and sensitively discuss exit planning, should you wish.

Tax Returns and Self Assessment

Tax Returns can be completed for…

  • Individuals and sole traders
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Companies

The self-assessment regime is full of penalties and HMRC enquiry powers are extensive. It’s important that:

  • Returns are correctly completed
  • They are filed on time
  • All backup records are retained for the appropriate period of time

As well as the completion of your return we can assist with:

  • Advice on your tax liabilities
  • Negotiating with the Collector if necessary
  • Identifying suitable tax planning opportunities
  • Completing all the necessary tax computations
  • Dealing with all correspondence from HMRC, taking the worry away from you
  • A personal tax organiser to help you organise your personal tax papers


Trusts can be used as part of a wealth protection strategy to protect assets as well as tax planning vehicles, particularly as part of inheritance tax planning.

We can advise on the setting up and running of:

  • Discretionary trusts
  • Accumulation and maintenance trusts for children
  • Interest in possession trusts

We can deal with all trust accounting and tax matters on your behalf.

Tax Tips and News
01 April 2019

Treasury under pressure to debate probate ‘tax’

The government has altered its proposed schedule of fees for an application for a grant of probate, which come into effect from April. The new rates replace the flat rate and range between £250 and £6,000 depending on the value of the estate, representing a 2,700% increase in cost for estates valued over £2m.

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